Do you have an IT project that require additional support or advise. That is great news! You have come to the right place. ITbridge provides you a 360° analysis of your needs and will help you identify ways of improvement and implementation. ITbridge provides IT services at multiple levels and at several stages ranging from carefully defining your project needs and completing your project documentation to outsourcing vital IT functions through dedicated Nearshoring Teams.

Project scope, consulting and design
Project sourcing and development
Customer orientation and project completion

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Stay ahead of the competition

Take advantage of our insights and get a free consultation to evaluate the many new possibilities from new and improved global technology trends. Our IT brokers are ready to listen to your company needs and use their expertise, experience and network to help you prioritize between: FEATURES, TIME, QUALITY, AND COST – Must have What […]

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ITbridge expands the independent agent representative network

We thank you for the trust and appreciate your interest in ITbridge. ITbridge.eu is an access and service point for companies and individuals to quickly and efficiently outsource IT projects. Instead of only representing a single IT vendor, ITbridge choses to share IT projects with a wide range of trusted and leading IT teams and companies […]

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More IT partners accepted

Thanks to the growing interest in our IT services we wish to expand our network and database of IT developers further to satisfy new client needs. If you are an IT company or an IT freelancer and you can document successful up-to-date IT projects and client references, we thank you for spending a few minutes […]

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In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:

DO YOU NEED A PROGRAMMER? then please reach out to us now. We can quickly and efficiently assign The necessary resources. Depending on your project we can help identify a single IT freelancer to a team of experienced programmers being entirely dedicated to your project.
IT outsourcing
Thanks to the wide and experienced IT partner network of ITbridge we are proud to be able to provide you with multiple high quality and top level outsourcing proposals simultaneously. The range of outsourcing is not limited to a single company - In fact, ITbridge can use its unique market position to be a broker between multiple IT vendors. This largely increase the possible scope, scale, experience and capabilities from our services.
IT advisory and business consulting
ITbridge is ready to do a 360° evaluation of your current IT solutions and how they affect your company's growth and profitability. By utilizing our IT network, ITbridge can also quickly determine suitable IT suppliers to help resolve and improve your IT systems and infra-structure. Finally, ITbridge can also make sure the implementation and execution of new IT systems is well taken care of.
Number of billion $, global business process outsourcing (BPO) generated in 2015
Number of billion $, global Information technology outsourcing (ITO) generated in 2015
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